Thursday, May 23, 2013

days like this

There are good days and bad days with having D and for me it depends on who you ask. for me I would rather be to low, then to hight why well when I am low I feel bad for maybe  30 minutes max hight I can feel very sick for hours if not days ( no kidding at all). but my Endo. dose not like lows someone going low is at more short term risk of dying ( no I have never gone that low where I have passed out) but I would rather be too low then to high. Diabetes is like flying a plane you have to keep things level not to high and not to low. For the last 2 or so weeks I have been mostly low not to bad but at first low then my Endo. and pump nurse would like me we have adjusted my basle ( the little bit I get all the time) rate on my pump a few times. the lows have become less but now I going hight ( almost 300) after dinner. and no my endo. pump nurse just says we need more time to see what you are really doing sine I do not go hight every day ( going hight 7 out of 10 days with only one low) I think I can up my basle rate some here.

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