Monday, May 13, 2013

So I changed my CGM for the first time yesterday one it is not that hard just a few steps is all took maybe 15 minutes to do that and change my pump site, so I really can not complain what is hard is the needle that but the wire under the skin looks huge.  I have almost gotten used to having it on as it is bigger then my pump site.
like I said that needle is huge 

Changing my site for the first time got me thinking how much has changed in my life has changed in the past year not to say what has changed in the past year let a lone the past 6 weeks. with the new technology that I have with the pump and CGM getting my numbers down and more stable is a little easer.  So now I have this very expansive medical thing hooked up to me 24/7 ( well I take it off to shower) but I live in the south east US and it is getting close to summer and hello water is all around me from pool to oceans to water parks  really why cant they make pumps water proof. yes my pump is splash proof but i do not want to test that out.

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